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At powvisions we believe that every company is unique and therefore developing its leaders must be unique...

Leadership Development

There are 4 critical steps needed to develop leadership in an organization:

Develop the unique leadership competencies.
A leadership competency model should serve as the foundation for any organization’s leadership development system. An effective model allows an organization to clearly define which leadership competencies are required in order for an organization to be successful, both now and in the future. Leadership development systems (selection, assessment, development, performance management, succession planning) can then be aligned to support the development of these competencies.


Develop the program according to the competencies.
Once your organization competencies have been identified, a detailed program can be designed and delivered to hone the skills of your leadership pipeline. Individual development plans will be created and delivered for the individual participants.




Develop the job aids to help apply these competencie.
Job aids should be an integral part of any leadership development program, and in fact any organizational intervention. These aim to facilitate the work of your Leaders/Employees by providing them with help menus, information and “How To” when executing their jobs. (Most of these job aids are derived from the training, which ensures that participants are applying the skills and knowledge of the training).



Coach and follow through to ensure application of the learned materials.
On the job coaching and follow through is necessary to instill the competencies and behaviors associated with the program.

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